Refurbished Lenses

Canon refurbished lenses are restored by our dedicated team. Before sale, every refurbished camera lens is cleaned, repaired, adjusted and has parts exchanged. We guarantee that refurbished RF lenses and refurbished EF lenses meet the highest Canon Standards.

Your Canon refurbished lens comes with a 2-year warranty and has all accessories included.

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Our refurbished lenses have been inspected by our experts in Germany at our Canon Factory Service Center. We promise that your reconditioned camera lenses won't show signs of use..

Every accessory is included with your refurbished camera lenses, meaning you can get started straight away. Some of the accessories might be used. This means they may not retain their full, good-as-new performance.

Refurbished DSLR lenses and refurbished RF lenses come with a 2-year warranty, meaning that in the unlikely event of something going wrong, we'll repair or replace your lens for free.