Full Frame Cameras

A full-frame camera enables outstanding creativity, with a large dynamic range revealing shadows and colour in vibrant detail, crystal clear sweeping landscapes and smooth bokeh.

Professionals and enthusiasts will enjoy high-quality imagery, creative control and large prints. Discover Canon mirrorless full-frame and full-frame DSLR cameras.

Explore the EOS R8, our affordable advanced hybrid full frame camera for passionate hybrid shooters. With great low light performance and enhanced video capabilities, achieve an artistic output with ease.

Popular models include the EOS R5, R6, 1D X Mark III and 5D Mark IV.

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A full-frame camera has a sensor that isn’t cropped like on an APS-C camera. This lets it capture more light for a more detailed, vibrant image.

Amateurs to professionals can take high-quality, professional standard imagery, while experimenting with low light photography. The larger image offers a shallow depth of field, enhancing the subject and blurring the background.

Every full-frame camera is available with many lenses. Canon mirrorless full-frame cameras are compatible with RF lenses, while our full-frame DSLR cameras are compatible with our EF lenses. Canon mirrorless full frame are also compatible with EF lenses via an adapter.

Discover the EOS R6 Mark II, our new full frame mirrorless camera for enthusiast photographers and videographers. With advanced auto focus performance and ability to shoot 40 frames per second, capture fast action with confidence.