Travel Cameras

A travel camera’s light, portable body can capture a moment without getting in the way. Despite being smaller, quality isn’t compromised – all of our travel cameras feature the best technology to push your creative limits.

From sweeping landscapes to bustling streets, a digital camera for travel adds a professional edge. Discover DSLR cameras, mirrorless-cameras, pocket cameras and more.

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A Canon travel camera comes in many shapes and sizes. Compact digital cameras are a great companion in a busy city, while superzoom cameras can take stunning images in exquisite detail. Every digital camera for travel uses industry-leading technology for creativity and experimentation.

Things like sensor size, aperture and interchangeable lenses are great for quality, but it’s the user-friendly features such as touchscreen, GPS and Wi-Fi that can make the difference during travel.

All of our travel cameras are built for speed, from digital cameras to small, all-in-one compact bodies.