Low Light Cameras

A Canon low light camera can produce high-quality low-light imagery without relying on the flash. By putting you in control of ISO, shutter speed and aperture, a low light camera will create stunning photography from dusk till dawn.

Find your perfect low light camera from our wide range, which includes complex, professional DSLR and mirrorless options and more simplistic compact cameras.

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Good low light photography is all about balance. Upping the ISO lets more light in but adds more noise. Widening the aperture and slowing the shutter speed is a solution, but this increases blur. An image stabiliser or even a tripod could be the perfect solution.

If you can get the balance right, a good low light digital camera can produce stunning, night-time imagery, and you don’t need flash either.

A low light camera put you in control of the key features. By letting you adjust to your environment, a Canon low light camera can excel in night-time photography.