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How to configure your printer

1. Required options will be pre selected in the printer configurator.

2. To compare your different printer configurations select the "Add to Compare" link after you have configured a printer.

3. To view the purchase plan prices or change the purchase plan click on the "Show all purchasing options" link.

4. To select a component, click the tick box. Where an option is mutually inclusive of another, the mutually inclusive option will be included in the selection.

5. Options that are not compatible with selected options will display a 'x' in the check box against the component.

Comparing products

Select the "Compare" button from the Compare bar at the bottom of the page

Compare prices and key features of your printer configurations

Enter your current office printer lease costs to compare again the printer configurations you have built.

Compare the quarterly costs of the printer configurations and current office printers on the comparison page.

Comparing price

The price comparison calculator allows you to enter the quarterly lease price of your current machine

By entering the quarterly machine price, cost per page and volume of prints, the calculator will generate the equivalent prices for the printer configurations you have added to the comparison page.

The savings of a new printer against you current will be calculated.

In the case that a printer is being purchased outright, then the cost of the printer machine will be excluded from the calculation.